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Core Accounting Modules for Sage MAS90.

Accounting Software MAS90 MAS200 Information Here!CORE ACCOUNTING SOFTWARE

Sage accounting software modules are at the core of every MAS 90 and MAS 200 system: General Ledger, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Bank Reconciliation, Fixed Asset Accounting (formerly Best Software FAS).  core accounting

With Sales Tax, eFiling, Paperless Office, Federal and State eFiling and Reporting the depth of functionality combined with ease of use and intuitive workflow are unrivaled in mid-market products.

FASAdd FAS SupportPlus to receive direct toll-free telephone support from a dedicated team of product experts and full access to FAS Technical Support via fax or e-mail.

A Solid Foundation for All Business Activities, the five core modules provide an accounting foundation for your business that's certain to maximize your productivity!

General Ledger

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General Ledger

General Ledger is the central location where all MAS 90 and MAS 200 accounting transactions are received, summarized, adjusted and balanced, yielding comprehensive financial statements. Powerful drill-down capabilities both into G/L transactions and into Sage accounting software subsidiary modules provide exceptional audit trails and quick answers to inquiries.

accounts receivable

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Accounts Receivable  

The Accounts Receivable module tracks and organizes the myriad pieces of information related to your customers, providing the basis for superior customer service. This Sage accounting software module also gives you the data you need to run a well-organized Sage accounting software cash management system by tracking receivables and planning cash flow.

accounts payable

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Accounts Payable

The Accounts Payable application for MAS90 and MAS 200 helps arrange expenditures by recording transactions and obligations to vendors and creditors. A selection of payment options from automatic invoice selection to quick check entry provides great flexibility in scheduling payments.

bank reconciliation

MAS 90Click to read Bank Reconciliation PDF

Bank Reconciliation   

Bank Reconciliation simplifies the monthly reconciliation process, detects recorded transactions between books and bank, locates the errors or differences, records the corrections, and reconciles your Sage accounting software books to the bank statement.


MAS 90Click to read FAS Asset Accounting PDF

Fixed Assets

Sage Software's Asset Accounting lets you execute transfers and disposals, conduct bulk disposals with automatic gain/loss calculations, and track transfer activity with as little as a single keystroke.

MAS 90 Click to read Sales Tax PDF

Sales Tax

Accurately calculate your Sales Tax and reduce your audit risk!  Seamlessly integrates with your MAS 90 and MAS 200.

MAS 90Click to read eFiling PDF

Federal and State eFiling & Reporting

Eliminate manual forms with eFiling! eFiling offers 250 Federal and State forms for W2s, W3s, Unemployment, Withholding and 1099s. A lot of the information will even be pre-filled for you by your Sage MAS 90/MAS 200 ERP system. You can choose to print it or efile it. You can provide your employees with a copy of their information via a secure Web site. Sage's automated form updates will make sure you're always in compliance. It couldn't be easier!



FAS SupportPlus   

FAS SupportPlus, a subscription support program, ensures that you and your organization have the technical support when you need it and the system enhancements and updates as they become available. It is an in-depth support program that can maximize the return on your software investment and the day-to-day efficiencies and accuracy of your fixed asset management operations.

MAS 90Click to read Paperless Office PDF

Paperless Office

It’s EASY TO BE GREEN – help save the environment while you save time and money by using Sage’s paperless office solutions!  With postage so high these days you can save significantly by emailing or faxing your documents - no need to buy stamps.  Your documents will arrive faster than any mail -delivery service.  Won’t get lost in the mail either!  Reduce your filing time and storage space by storing your documents on your computer electronically.

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